Dehn Al Oud Hamdan

Shaunth’s comforting aroma mirrors the velvety medley of spices and milk used to prepare a cherished ceremonial elixir.


Top Notes

Dehn al Oud Hindi

Middle Notes

Dehn al Oud Hindi

Base Notes

Dehn al Oud Hindi

Oil Concentraction

25% – 30%


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The Essence of Dehn Al Oud Hamdan

Scent Profile

“Dehn Al Oud Hamdan” is a perfume that pays homage to the revered and highly esteemed Dehn al Oud, an oil of great cultural significance crafted meticulously in India. This fragrance celebrates the rich heritage and profound respect associated with Dehn al Oud, obtained through an intricate and labor-intensive extraction process.

The name itself reflects reverence, as “Hamdan” signifies much praise or commendation, indicating the high regard and admiration this scent commands.

The perfume likely encapsulates the following characteristics:

Oud-Centric Composition:

The focal point of “Dehn Al Oud Hamdan” is undoubtedly the precious and revered Dehn al Oud oil. Known for its deep, woody, and complex aroma, this fragrance is likely centered around the intoxicating essence of oud, which can evoke a sense of earthiness, luxury, and refinement.

Middle Notes

Carnation and Lily-of-the-Valley: The heart of the fragrance features the spicy-floral essence of carnation alongside the delicate and fresh aroma of lily-of-the-valley. This combination brings a balance of warmth and floral sweetness, contributing to the perfume’s depth and charm.

Base Notes

Amber: Amber, known for its warm and resinous quality, forms the base of the fragrance, imparting a comforting and inviting allure that adds depth and richness.

Vanilla: The inclusion of vanilla adds a sweet and creamy facet to the base notes, evoking a sense of warmth, comfort, and indulgence.

Musk: Musk in the base notes offers a soft and lingering trail, enhancing the overall longevity of the scent while providing a subtle sensuality and depth.

“Ara Al Nimah” is a fragrance that combines spices, exotic florals, carnation, lily-of-the-valley, amber, vanilla, and musk. This harmonious blend creates an olfactory journey that embodies the concept of being blessed. It evokes feelings of warmth, positivity, and grace, symbolizing a sense of being surrounded by blessings, richness, and comfort, making it a fragrant ode to the feeling of being truly blessed.