Who we are

About Us

Maeshk is a blossoming artisanal perfume brand that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage and natural allure of a picturesque Himalayan region through captivating scents. Our chosen name, “Maeshk,” draws from the local language, where it translates to “fragrance,” symbolizing our deep-rooted inspiration from the lush valleys and flower-adorned meadows of this breathtaking region.

At the core of Maeshk is a devoted team of perfumers, designers, and storytellers, united by a shared mission to disseminate the mesmerizing essence of the area to a global audience. Nestled in the heart of this stunning region in a city renowned for its beauty, we meticulously craft each Maeshk fragrance, aiming to transport you to the serene lakes, fragrant gardens, and timeless villages that define our cherished homeland.

Our Inspiration

The magnificent landscapes, distinctive arts and crafts, and rich history of the region are the foundations of our inspiration at Maeshk. The delicate saffron fields, abundant chinar trees, and tranquil lakes of this area have been a timeless muse for poetry and art. We strive to encapsulate this magic into precious fragrances infused with local essences and evocative narratives.

At the core of Maeshk is a profound appreciation for generations of skilled artisans who have mastered their crafts, from weaving exquisite textiles to carving intricate woodwork. Their passion and dedication drive us to create fragrances that mirror their artistry.

``At Maeshk, we aim to encapsulate the essence of our cherished valley in every perfume we design. Our aspiration is to introduce the world to the beauty, artistry, and heritage that make this place so exceptional. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted with the intention of whisking you away to the tranquil meadows, captivating gardens, and peaceful natural spots that continually inspire us.`` Founder

Our Craft

How We Create Each Maeshk Fragrance

Every fragrance embarks on a journey inspired by the valley’s culture, arts, heritage, or nature. These narratives profoundly influence our creative process.

We ethically source local essences like saffron, cedarwood, roses and botanicals that bring the fragrance stories to life.

Our perfumers blend the precious oils and botanical essences using traditional methods perfected over generations.

Our designers meticulously handcraft the bottles, boxes, and packaging, drawing inspiration from the artisanship of the valley.

Every Maeshk perfume is lovingly bottled by hand at our atelier situated in the heart of the valley.

Our Values

The Values at the Heart of Maeshk

  • Celebrating the Rich Heritage of the Valley

    We showcase the rich arts, crafts, culture, and natural beauty of the valley in our fragrances and storytelling.
  • Sustainable Sourcing

    We ethically source essences from local valley farmers and artisans to support the community.
  • Preserving Traditions

    We honor generations-old valley perfumery traditions in our scent blending and bottling.
  • Inspiring through Stories

    Our fragrances are inspired by the people, places, and culture that make the valley special.

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